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Your tattoo should last a lifetime! Make sure to give it the best start in life by using PROINKCARE tattoo aftercare that optimize the wound healing process after tattooing. PROINKCARE care products specialised for tattooed skin are developed in collaboration with leading Danish dermatologists and in consultation with the Danish tattoo artist guilds.


PROINKCARE is a tattoo aftercare programme, which consists of a healing antipruritic ointment and sulphate-free purifying cleanser for use in the healing phase. Our lotion with sun filter is a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion, which preserves the tattoo pigments and protects the tattooed skin against the harmful effects of exposure to light and the sun.

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Make a statement with your tattoo, wear it with pride and don’t forget to pick up the t-shirt or hoodie to go with it “whatever you do take good care of your tattoo”. 

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